Friday, July 25, 2008

How to recycle batteries

Okay how did we get from recycling plastic and paper to batteries? Well most people by now know how to recycle paper and plastic, but I never know what to do with batteries. Can you throw them away? is that illegal? Don't they have acid that can leak out and destroy things, like your radio if you keep them in there for 20 years? and what about rechargeable batteries? what's the story with them? So let's learn a little about this and this is the perfect time to feel free to chime in. Well come to find out that nowadays, most batteries don't really pose that great a threat to the environment like they once might have, because they contain much less mercury. But still some people want to do all they can, so if you must dispose of your battery the "eco friendly" way, here's what you can do. First there are local ways to dispose of your batteries. Check out Staples website for information on turning in batteries as well as other electronics. If you want to learn more about batteries and how to dispose of them, visit To get more information on disposal of batteries, look at which has a good breakdown for battery recycling options. If you just want to dispose of the battery, don't throw it in the trash can. To see what Howard County will accept at the landfill if you want to dispose of a HHW (Household Hazardous Waste) including batteries, click here to go to Alpha Ridge Landfill.