Saturday, July 12, 2008

What can be recycled?

What can't? Just about anything really. Most people recycle plastic and paper/cardboard. But there are many other normal everyday items that can me recycled as well. One common one in the summertime is.....grass. That's right, did you know you could bag your cut grass and leave it on the curb where you place your plastic/paper recyclables, and the grass will picked up by a separate collector. You could also drop it off at Alpha Ridge Landfill Resident's Convenience Area. You can also include small brush/limbs, hedge clippings. But you cannot leave DIRT for recycle pick up. I don't think dirt is currently recycled into anything else. The County prefers you leave your grass in clear plastic bags, or trash bags left open so the collector's can easily see what is being left out and if it is for recycling. Howard County picks up weekly. Check your local listings. For more information, visit or visit Howard County Government information about recycling.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

greeNEWitFEST in Howard County, MD on July 19, 2008

greeNEWit FEST is an eco-friendly party in the park. There will be live local reggae music by KB Drive, great tasting local beer, wine and food from "on the fly".. In addition to greeNEWit, LLC the host energy auditing company, we will have other green companies set-up to promote their products, answer questions and share what positive changes they are making in our community. greeNEWit FEST will be a green event. Therefore we will run the entire event off of Solar Power. In addition we will promote a zero-waste initiative.

The reasons for this event are two-fold: raise money for the Green Building Institute and promote conscious interest in both our planet and global energy issues. This will be a fun-loving, laid-back event, and most importantly we plan on really soaking up the sun.

Entrance Tickets are $10 per person by mail or $11 on line. Buy your ticket here!

Drink tickets are $2 each. Call 443-668-7210 for ticket information.